Size Guide

Every shoe is made on a form called a ‘last’. Lasts vary in size, shape, width, and height to make different styles of footwear. At this point in time - though we have a lot of lasts - we do not have every single one available. We apologise if we do not yet have your size or width in our collection.


How do I find my shoe size?

Stand with your heel against a wall. With a ruler or measuring tape, measure from the wall to the tip of your biggest toe in centimetres.


Stand with your heel against a wall, on a sheet of A4 paper placed against the wall. Draw a line at the tip of your big toe. Measure the distance of the mark from the edge of the paper in centimetres.


    The Uniform runs true to size and is quite spacious in width.




    The Six Stitch runs true to size and has a slightly narrower measurement on the last, however the width is quite forgiving when made up. This style is great for wide feet as there are no seams on the pressure points on either side of the toes.